In the five years since Famously Hawick was launched, we are delighted that it is now recognised as one of the leading visitor experiences in the south of Scotland. And to launch the Spring into Summer campaign, it was a pleasure to introduce all five famous manufacturers to a wide range of tourism businesses at a recent VIP Familiarisation Visit.

“The textile and distillery experience is an essential product of the South of Scotland. To have a first-class visitor experience available in the form of Famously Hawick is a huge bonus bringing to life this crucial part of our heritage.”

“Love seeing the real-life industry and the passion of the workers. Now I really understand just what goes into producing these wonderful garments. Blown away by the size of the factory. Love the fact you use all the waste materials and nothing is thrown away. A really memorable experience.”

“There’s a level of pride evident in all these businesses, and significant local skill in manufacturing. It also hits home that this isn’t just a heritage project, or museum. This is a living, breathing industrial town. One of the things I’m passionate about is showcasing the Best of The Borders and I definitely saw it today. Anyone visiting Hawick will love this experience.”

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